VoluMill V4.1 build 1389 for Mastercam X3-X4|刀具路径软件VoluMill
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VoluMill V4.1 build 1389 for Mastercam X3-X4|刀具路径软件VoluMill


Despite all of our attempts to continue our relationship with CNC Software, we have been unsuccessful。 If you choose to install a version of Mastercam beyond X5 MU1 at some future date, you can continue to generate VoluMill toolpaths with our VoluMill Universal product。 This standalone system works with any CAM system, including any version of Mastercam。 Though not integrated into Mastercam, it generates toolpaths that are identical to those you are using now, so there will be very little change to your workflow。 It will also be continually updated with enhancements and bug fixes, ensuring that you always have access to our latest improvements。 Your current licenses of VoluMill for Mastercam will automatically work with VoluMill Universal。

In addition, in order to provide support after our Mastercam licenses expire, we have added an Export button to the VoluMill Parameters tab. This button automatically exports VoluMill data from any version of VoluMill for Mastercam (X2 through X5 MU1) to a VoluMill Operation Archive file. You can then send these files to us if you need technical support. In our next version, VoluMill Universal will allow you to import VoluMill Operation Archive files directly, so that you can easily move your Mastercam toolpaths into VoluMill Universal.

VoluMill V4.1 安装方法:

1. Install VoluMill 4.1 for Mastercam X4 MU3

2. Run VoluMill License Manager
 Click Get a license... > A static license on this computer only > Next > No, I will not use the internet to activate my license > Next > No, create a License Request file so I can email it to: support@celeritive.com > Done

3。 Save license request file (VoluMillLicenseRequest。vmlic) > OK

4. Close VoluMill License Manager

5. Open in text editor files VoluMillLicenseRequest.vmlic and VoluMillLicenses.xml

6。 In VoluMillLicenses。xml replece the string

with same one from file VoluMillLicenseRequest.vmlic

7. Save VoluMillLicenses.xml and copy it

 for Win XP computers to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Application Data\Celeritive Technologies\Licenses\
 for Vista/Win7 computers to C:\ProgramData\Celeritive Technologies\Licenses\

8. Copy folder "chooks" from the crack to <mastercam x4 progdir> (by default C:\Program Files\mcamx4\ ) and overwrite original one

9. Enjoy

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