MAX爆炸射击插件RayFire|RayFire Tool v1.62 for 3ds Max 2012 - 2014 Win64
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外文名称:RayFire Tool v1。62 for 3ds Max



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  • MAX爆炸射击插件RayFire|RayFire Tool v1.62 for 3ds Max 2012 - 2014 Win64
    3DSMAX平台最好的爆炸插件RayFire|RayFire Tool v1.62
    Geometry Voxelization
    Voxel Size, Spacing and Chamfer properties
    Random Position, Rotation and Scale variation animatable properties
    Animated map support for Position, Rotation and Scale
    Row alternation and Align voxels to face properties
    Custom properties for Viewport and Render
    Animatable Voxel gizmo
    Custom Voxel shape 
    Fixed, Random, By closest face and By custom node material ID and mapping
    Only Shell, Only Inside or Both voxel types
    Support for defomable objects

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