3DHippie Stereo cam Pro v2.0.13 for 3ds Max|3D图像及视频插件
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3DHippie Stereo cam Pro v2.0.13 for 3ds Max 2011 – 2013(3D图像及视频渲染制作插件)
3DHippie Stereo cam Pro真正的3D相机插件,,您可以像一个标准的camera一样创建并移动。


3dhippie stereocam v2.0 is available now. It includes an amazing amount of 
new or advanced features to let you create unbelievable 3D images and movies:
Real camera plugin
You can create and move it like a standard targetcamera or use a convert 
macro if you prefer the old technique.
Preview speed
This has been improved fundamentally. A Full-HD frame optimized anaglyph 
takes less then a second, making it much more attractive to render anaglyph 
Alignment (PRO).
The stereocam can now be aligned to left, center or right side, so you only 
need to rerender one camera if you made adjustments. It is also very useful 
if you want to convert old short films to 3D with less rendertime.
Pixel parallax presets.
Choose from and create new pixel parallax presets to get the 3D just right.
Great Vray-Implementation.
The stereocam can be switched to VRay with the click of a button and offers 
you the choice of using two physical cameras or the stereoscopic helpers.
Horizontal overscan (PRO)
Render your images wider without affecting the field of view and have the 
ultimate control over your depth in the post.
Net rendering
Send jobs to the network just like any other camera.
Stereoscopic viewport preview
Watch your viewport in 3D while working. All changes will be immediately 
reflected in the stereoscopic window.
More compositing types
Choose from red/cyan, magenta/green, or amber/blue with monochrome, half-
color or optimized algorithm.
Stereoscopic player connection (PRO)
Utilize the power of the stereoscopic player from 3dtv.org .View and adjust 
either your interactive viewport preview or the rendered results from within 
the Stereoscopic player offering you even MORE compositing types (e.g. quad-
buffered opengl, 3dvision, iz3d).
Realtime zero parallax adjustments (PRO)
Adjust the zero parallax even after you rendered! Just shift the images until 
the desired depth placement is reached, hit „sync“ and the rig will 
accomodate to your changes.
Stereoscopic animated viewport sequence (PRO)
Make an animated viewport sequence in full-HD. You can generate a 3D-Clip or 
use the stereoscopic player connection.

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