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GUIKit001 is a complete plug and play interface. See it in action here on

* Stunning design (200+ hours of work by a professional GUI artist + designer)
* Fully customizable (all PSD source files are included - slices are set up for easy export)
* Works in all orientations (or just the ones you want)
* Retina-ready (automatically switches to double resolution on iPhone4)
* Works with touch or mouse input, on iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac and Web! (No double-coding needed to get it to work on all those platforms. This is possible through platform dependent compilation, a new feature in Unity3!)

In addition GUIKit001 includes the full SwipeControl and GUISkin001 components!

Good interfaces are a lot of work and indie-developers have limited resources. So we set out to make this a fully functional, yet easily affordable solution that is easy to integrate and easy to customize, so that everyone who uses it can focus on making their game.
And we're not just coding things we think will sell, we made this because we need it ourselves. - GUIKit001 is going to be used in our next game and all improvements we develop further down the road will be put back into the kit and made available as free updates!

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