solidworks NURBS曲面设计插件Power Surfacing
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solidworks NURBS曲面设计插件Power Surfacing

Neither Sub-D (Subdivision Surface) modeling nor NURBS modeling can effectively solve all 3-D design problems。 Each has strengths and weaknesses。 Sub-D modeling is great at producing and modifying complex freeform / organic shapes with smooth surfaces。 NURBS modeling is good at combining shapes via。 Boolean and Feature operations as well as refining shapes with operations like filleting, blending and face editing。 We really see Power Surfacing as a novel and powerful unification piece between these two technologies。 Being able to use both modeling paradigms together in the modeling process provides huge productivity advantages in both the design and revision process。 Power Surfacing freeform design combined with SolidWorks® parametric design provides SolidWorks® users with a ground breaking Industrial Design toolkit。

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